REVIEW: Donner HUSH-X Travel Guitar

by | Mar 26, 2024 | Buying Guides, Featured, Gear Reviews

The new Donner HUSH-X electric guitar is a cool, compact tone machine that makes practicing and recording no matter where you are a total breeze. The review model we received went straight into the hands of Bella Moulden for a full deep dive and demo in a series of videos we’ve put up on YouTube.

Watch Episode 1 below:

As you can see, setup is a snap, and getting up and running with the HUSH-X is super simple and takes no time at all. The small, travel-friendly nature of the guitar means you can grab it and go, taking it on the tour bus and into hotel rooms (and even backstage for last-minute rehearsals) with ease, plus you can play silently so you’re not bothering your bandmates or fellow hotel guests while on tour.

The fretboard feels nice and comfortable, and the attachable body “wings” make it feel like playing a standard guitar body in a sitting/practicing position.

That said, eliminating most of the body wood, headstock and traditional tuners means Donner can shave about 4 pounds of the weight of a standard guitar, which again makes it the perfect travel companion. The included case will fit under most seats, facilitating the on-the-go nature of the instrument even more.

But if you think Donner skimped on sound quality to accommodate the ergonomics and portable aspects of the HUSH-X, think again. Equipped with an H/S pickup configuration, 3-way selector and active/passive options, you’ve really got a wide pallete of tonal options on tap – much more than in other stripped-down “travel” guitars we’ve taken a look at in the past. In fact, you could easily take this from backstage to mainstage with no problem.

Check out Episode 2 in our video series below as Bella Moulden shows just how great the HUSH-X plays and sounds in a real mix.

All in all, the new Donner HUSH-X might be the perfect tool for whenever inspiration strikes, no matter where you are on the road. The 50-hour battery life is awesome, too – meaning you can basically replace the battery once for weeks of endless headphones jamming and practice while your bandmates sleep or while you’re coming up with that killer riff in the middle of the night.

Tuning is stable, as well, thanks to the fine-tuners located at the bridge (remember, this is a headless design), so players used to a Floyd Rose-style system will be right at home here when making fine adjustments.

At under $400 for the whole kit (guitar, case, cables, strap, headphones, tuner, and polishing cloth), you can’t go wrong. It gets our highest recommendation as an essential piece of road-worthy (and practice space worthy) gear for your guitar arsenal.

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