Donner Announces Amazon Prime Day Discounts

by | Jul 11, 2023 | Best Instruments

Save up to $180 off digital pianos and guitars in Donner’s massive Amazon Prime Day sale including 30% off DDP-80 Digital Pianos and HUSH-I Headless Travel Guitar

Donner, a company well-known for its innovative and feature-rich musical instruments, is excited to announce its music carnival for the summer of 2023, coinciding with the 10th anniversary of the Donner Amazon Store. Summer is the perfect time to gather with friends and create music. By participating in Donner’s Amazon Prime Day sales event on July 11-12, music lovers can enjoy exceptional savings of up to $140 off or 30% off on a wide range of Donner’s popular musical instruments.

10th Anniversary of Donner’s MINI Pedal

In 2013 Donner launched and listed its first MINI pedals, the Yellow Fall Delay Pedal on Amazon. After 10 years the listing of the MINI series pedals has received more than 20,000 verified reviews by its customers, with an average rating of 4.4/5.

Donner has garnered attention and acclaim in the online guitar community for their pedals’ affordability, impressive sound, and solid build quality. Building on this success, they have broadened their range of offerings to include electric guitars, digital pianos, electronic drum kits, MIDI keyboards, and various other products.

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Donner Summer Music Carnival & Anniversary Celebration:  Save up to 30% on Digital Pianos and Guitars

Right now, Donner has launched awesome deals on their most popular digital pianos, electronic drum sets, silent guitars, and effect pedals as part of the celebration its 10th anniversary of MINI pedal series and the Summer Music Carnival, keeping their mission of offering aesthetically pleasing musical instruments with playability and innovation for beginners and aspiring musicians.

Donner DEP-20 Digital Piano, 88 Keys Full Size Weighted Keyboard – $418.99 (Save $180)

The Donner DEP-20 digital piano combines exceptional playability with a sleek and portable design, featuring 88 fully weighted keys, a variety of realistic sounds, dual headphone outputs, and USB connectivity, making it an ideal choice for beginners to practice or performance.

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Donner DED-20 Electronic Drum Pad for Beginners – $47.99 (20% OFF)

The Donner DED-20 Electric Drum Pad provides beginner drummers with a compact and feature-rich solution for drum practice and learning. Featuring high-quality soft silicone, built-in stereo speakers, a headphone mode, and MIDI connectivity, the DED-20 is an excellent choice for drummers seeking a portable and versatile practice tool.

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Donner DST-100S Electric Guitar Kit – $143.99 (20 % OFF)

DST-100 Electric Guitar Kit offers an excellent entry-level option for aspiring guitarists, featuring a full-size solid poplar body, smooth C-shaped maple neck, H-S-S configuration pickups, includes accessories, making it a comprehensive package for beginners to start their musical journey.

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Donner HUSH-I Headless Acoustic Guitar For Travel – $239.99 (20% OFF)

Being one of the most attractive release at 2023 NAMM Show, the HUSH-I’s headless design and detachable body make it the most compact guitar to carry, while the headphone mode enables silent home practice.

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Non-Amazon Deals on throughout July

Starting from 10 July, Donner’s global music store, DonnerDeal is also offering substantial discounts on their digital pianos and MIDI keyboards, including the latest stylish wooden style DDP-80 Plus and the DDP-60 digital pianos. Available in North America, Europe, Mexico, and Australia, Please note that discounts and sales dates may vary for different countries. For specific deals please visit

Donner DDP-60 Digital Piano – $439.99 (New Arrival, 12% OFF ), Get it Now

Donner DDP-80 88-key Wooden Style Digital Piano – $559.99 (Save $100 OFF), Get it Now

Donner DDP-80 PLUS 88-key Wooden Digital Piano – $659.99 (Save $40 OFF), Get it Now

Donner DDP-100 Home Digital Piano – $545.59 (12% OFF), Get it Now

Donner DDP-200 88-key Weighted Digital Piano $699 (Save $100 OFF), Get it Now