PUC Wireless MIDI Interface for iOS REVIEW

PUC Wireless MIDI Interface for iOS REVIEW

PROS: simple, easy to use.
CONS: only works with iOS.
PRICE: $99

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MIDI is the language that was established to allow digital music instruments talk to each other. Getting this digital signal into the world of wireless and mobile devices has been tricky, but the PUC solves this problem.

The name pretty much describes it, a black puck-like unit, with an on/off button, a MIDI connection, and a USB port (to use instead of powering it by 2 AA batteries) A Wi-Fi display lights up to indicate if it’s working. Pretty simple.

Just power the unit up and connect it to a MIDI device, like a keyboard or drum machine, and it can connect to your Mac or iOS Device wirelessly via the included free app. No adjustments or any settings.

Zivix-PUC-wireless-midi-interface-690x388It retails at about $99, and it might seem hard to justify at first. But considering some MIDI devices don’t have a way to connect to an iOS device without any special cable, this can fill that need, wirelessly, and can connect to your desktop machine, as well.

Wirelessly connect MIDI gear to your iPad, iPhone or Mac
Access and connect to 100s of great Midi Apps
Low Latency System as fast or faster than wire
Includes the PUC Connector App
1 MIDI port, MIDI cable, batteries and hands-free creativity

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