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base_01_angleLivid Instruments creates customizable hardware controllers that turn computers into playable instruments, smoothing workflow and enabling inspired live performances. Livid began in 2004 in Austin, TX (where their office and factory still reside) by several men who had been experimenting with new ways for hardware and software to interact. Their controllers are easy and intuitive, simply plug in and MIDI map whatever you want to control and you’re ready to play. Livid’s Cell and Cell DNA software provides an interactive platform for mixing video, audio, and images into compelling live performances that can be controlled from your keyboard or from one of their hardware controllers. Livid has also been a large supporter of the DIY community, selling everything you need to build your own custom controller in case you aren’t inspired enough by their designs. Over the past decade, Livid has been on the cutting edge of live audio/visual control. Their work has helped reshape the way musicians, VJs and the public view computers in a live context and has enabled a new generation of performers to take the stage.


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Pressure is the original modulator, from hitting a drum to bowing a cello or blowing air through a trumpet. Pressure has helped give music life since humans have had the means to make it. Now, Livid Instruments is turning that same proclivity towards pressure into a tool to make computer music even more expressive.

BASE is a MIDI map-able hardware controller designed to knock down the walls to creativity and open up a new world of playability for electronic instruments. 32 pressure-sensitive, multi-touch pads are ready for playing and customization along with 9 touch sliders, 8 touch sensitive buttons, and 8 momentary buttons. Every pad, slider, and button has editable LEDs underneath to provide a continuous stream of information about what’s going on. The web-based editor is an easy interface for editing every parameter in BASE and customizing it to work with any DAW, VST, plug-in or application. After so much time spent hitting buttons and turning knobs, isn’t it time for a little pressure?

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