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I got my start building pedalboards in 2009, thanks to Josh Smith (my first major client).  Through Josh, I quickly started building for some of the top LA-based guitarists, including Kirk Fletcher, Michael Landau, Robben Ford, Scott Henderson, John Scofield, and others.  Within a few years, I was building for many of the “A-List” players between LA and Nashville.  After that, I got into building effects pedals based on custom pedals and pedal mods I was incorporating into many of these rigs. These custom pedals and mods were requested so frequently, that I started a line of production pedals and accessories, which has brought me to where I am now.


Until June 2016, the Vertex Boost was our flagship product and still continues to do well, however following the release of our follow up product, the Dynamic Distortion, it has now become our best seller and is on pace to be the best-selling pedal we’ve ever made.

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1) Our artists – we have formed some great relationships with some of the top session and touring professionals in the industry, leading to a well “sonically vetted” product.

2) Location – being in Silicon Valley, it allows us access to some of the best electronics manufacturing resources in the world, allowing for incredible efficiency, quality, and consistency from unit to unit.  Fewer than 1% of our pedals are returned due to warranty-related issues.

3) Knowing my customers and taking feedback – there is often a discrepancy between what “we” as builders/designers like, and what our customers want.  It has been a humbling experience to have what I think is a great idea, fall flat when pitched to customers.  To align new pedal designs to actual customer needs, I closely study data about my client from Google Analytics, social media campaigns, and sales data to understand what my customers seek and how to effectively introduce them to a new products that will further inspire their musical creativity.

Mason from Vertex Effects

Mason from Vertex Effects


The most unique feature that we’ve done has been the Expression (EXP) control on the Vertex Boost.  This allows players to connect any volume pedal or EXP pedal to the boost and use it to remotely control the output level from 0 to +16dB.  When the boost is “ON” the EXP pedal will control the volume up to the boost level on the pedal potentiometer, and when the pedal is “OFF,” the EXP will function the same as any normal volume pedal would (minus the tone suck as the impedance of whatever is placed the EXP loop of the Boost is totally isolated).  The circuit is 100% analog, using optimized gain stages instead of the VCA characteristic of most EXP controls.


Simplify wherever possible, and be loyal and honor your customers above all. Also, own your mistakes no matter the cost (a short-term win will never outweigh a long-term loss).

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