The Perfect Stocking Stuffer For Guitarists: Mantus & Swab-eez

Innovative Products of America, Inc.
Swab-eez ($10.95) & Mantus Tight Access Tool ($14.95)

PROS: Strong grip, plenty of applications, cheap.
CONS: Would be better for electronics if there was some shielding/insulation.

PROS: Plenty of sizes, eco-friendly, many applications.
CONS: None.

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It’s not hard to see how one tool, made for one job, would also apply to another completely different application. IPA manufactures industrial tools for applications like the automotive world. Seeing as a guitar is a precision instrument, it’s easy to envision how their Mantus tool would work for axe-slingers, as well.

It’s basically a big set of tweezers, with a serrated edge on the ends to provide positive contact. They’re fantastic for removing bridge pins on acoustics, and pulling stuck broken strings through a tremolo block. It would be great for amp servicing, however there’s no rubber insulation, so it might not be advisable. But heck, even for a simple bridge pin remover, it’s worth having in your case.

They also offer industrial strength swabs, called Swab-eez. The handles are bamboo, and the tip is cotton, so they’re eco friendly. Being quite flexible, they’re easy to get into tight spaces, and the larger ones are great for cleaning grit and dust out from around the knobs on a pedalboard or an amp. Think of them as supercharged Q-Tips for your gear!

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