TC Electronic HOF Mini Reverb Pedal Review

TC-Electronic-HOF-Mini-ReverbReverb was probably the first “effect” for guitarists other than overdrive – originally found on amplifiers, and later in the digital realm, with complicated parameters. TC brings the simplicity of the old, with the sound quality of the 21st Century.

The HOF Mini is not much bigger than a business card, so due to the small size it can’t fit a 9v battery; power needs to come from a standard power adapter. With just one knob it gives the analog feel of a vintage amplifier’s reverb, but for those tone-tweaking freaks a USB port is included for uploading sounds from the web, and editing of sounds via TC’s TonePrint editor software. Sounds can also be loaded via a smartphone, using TC’s TonePrint app.

Our review unit came loaded with TC’s “Hall” reverb mode, but the reverbs on TC’s full-sized big brother (the original Hall of Fame pedal) are all available to be loaded, as well: Room, Hall, Spring, Plate, Church, Mod, Lo-Fi, Tile, Amb and Gate. Of course, TC pretty much perfected the digital reverb, so the sounds are fantastic, and while it may take a bit more to load or change a sound, once it’s done, they don’t disappoint.

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Unlike digital reverbs of old, these have a musical quality that actually makes sense, sonically, for guitar. In front of an amp, or in an effects loop, it sounds great. Oh, and for the pedal tone purists, it’s true bypass. This is a nice small package to get a decent reverb, without taking up space on a pedalboard or taking a bite out of your bank account.

  • PROS: Small, simple, great sounds.
  • CONS: Takes some effort to edit tones.
  • PRICE: $109


  • Small enclosure
  • Single knob controls wet/dry
  • TonePrints available for sound editing
  • Pre-set hall reverb for ease-of-use
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