Supro Analog Delay Pedal REVIEW

The new compact Supro analog delay pedal packs a lot into a standard single pedal footprint, with the usual Level, Time and Repeat settings we’ve come to know from other classic delays. A welcome addition is the filter control, as well as a mini toggle that can assign the Level, Time or Repeat controls to work with an expression pedal. This is actually super useful, and sets the pedal apart from others in the (crowded) field. 

It’s an analog pedal, meaning the maximum range is 600ms. That’s plenty to cover delay sounds from the ’60s up to the early 1980s. All of that delay goodness is being run by a MN3005 chip, which runs at a higher internal voltage, while maintaining a standard 9v power supply requirement. What that means is it brings more overall headroom and a cleaner noise free sound than what older delays used to deliver.

The filter control works as a dual Low and Hi band pass. Want delays to sound murky and swampy? No problem. How about the glassy transparent character of old tape delays? Yeah, it covers that easily. Inside are two mini switches, that engage trails and dry kill controls. Want the delay to kill everything when turned off, or let it cascade away naturally? No problemo!

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Sound wise, it’s super clean, no hiss or added noise, and the longer delays sit really nicely in the mix, with an organic feel in all settings. Kicking it on to add depth for a solo, with slightly darker repeats from the filter control adds a nice rich feel. Even at high settings the filter doesn’t get too glassy, it brings in some extra clarity that bubbles over nicely.

The real fun comes when connecting an expression pedal. Having real-time control is a blast; being able to control a cascading oscillation, it opens up more synth-like feels with ease. Whatever parameter is selected, the associated knob acts as the end point of the expression pedal’s sweep, so keeping a function in an area that fits to the musical setting is really easy. Want to have some nice chords hang in the mix, and then have some dry (or less delayed) licks over it? It will take some getting used to, but think of it as a wah-wah like delay.

Overall, it covers all the classic delays in a neat small box, with the added addition of the expression pedal and trails and dry kill, it brings in some nice modern touches, not normally found in your typical delay stompbox. 


Great classic delays, expression pedal control 


A bit pricey.



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