Source Audio SoundBlox 2 Multiwave Distortion Pedal Review

by | Nov 20, 2014 | Best Guitar Picks, Effects Pedals, & Accessories

soundblox2-multiwave-distortionSource Audio

SoundBlox 2 Multiwave Distortion Pedal  – $169

PROS: Good selection of distortions, flexible controls.

CONS: None.

Multi mode programmable effects have been known to be tricky to work with; menus, parameters, patches and banks can make things tough. Source Audio has brought all the plusses of programmable distortion with the simplicity of a stompbox.

It’s not that much bigger than the typical stomp box, with tons of distortion modes from tube drive, to an octave fuzz, and pretty much everything in between. The controls simple: Drive, Voice, Tone, and Output. A 3-mode noise gate, as well as three modes of tone shaping are available as well. The Voice control is unique, as it acts more like a “warmth” control, which is very nuanced, but can make a big difference in small doses, especially dialing in more vintage tones. Another unique feature is the Tone Shape, which allows more customization of the tones at the touch of button. Saving sounds is über easy; make a setting, press and hold, and it’s all set.

Sound-wise, it nails the models it’s using as a basis. The smoother Tube Drive really re-creates the sound of an overdriven amp, and the El Raton nails the sound of an old Rat pedal while the noise gate keeps things from getting unruly.

It has the ability to connect to a MIDI source, as well as Source Audio’s Hot Hands system (available separately), as well as a morphing function that requires an expression pedal. This allows the user to pan between a two different modes of the player’s choosing to get a unique blend of the two at the same time!

For the pedal junky who needs a ton of good distortions options, this does the trick perfectly. Considering all the models, the ability to modify and save them, and practically use them in a live setting, this unit is well worth the asking price.


  • 23 varieties of unique distortion algorithms
  • Compact, cast aluminum housing
  • 2 User Presets easily recalled via two footswitches
  • Universal Bypass – selectable buffered or true bypass
  • 3-band tone control
  • Noise Gate – easily activated 3-level noise gate
  • MIDI Capable State-of-the-art DSP