Source Audio Innovates with Motion Control FX

Sometimes the idea inspires the technology, and sometimes the technology inspires the idea. So it was for a team working at Analog Devices who were so taken with a new audio chip that they parted with their employer and created Source Audio, developing a new generation of stomp boxes to push sonic and technological boundaries. These pedals will change the way you play. Their distortion pedals have become revered for their innovation and versatility, letting players use classic tones or pursue wild new possibilities using multi-band distortion. Source also reinvented the bass pedal, providing controllable envelope filters that will play Bootsy to Skrillex and everything in between. The big shakeup Source has become known for was the introduction of their Hot Hand system, a new way to control effects using a motion sensitive ring that is included in every Source pedal. Based in Massachusetts, Source works to keep up with players locally and digitally to find out what’s needed and what works. Keep an eye out for delays and reverbs that use Hot Hand to blow your mind in evermore exciting ways in the near future.


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Hot Hand Wah Filter – $99

The Hot Hand Wah Filter is a stomp box that uses a motion sensitive ring worn by the guitar player to control the sweep of the wah filter. This gives you unparalleled control and gives playing another layer of expressive possibilities. The standard package uses a ring attached by a cable to the pedal, but for $100 it can be upgraded to the wireless version, letting you rock up to 100 feet away while still controlling the filter. The ring’s sensitivity is controlled with the motion knob so you can prepare it for your soft-picked ballads and windmilling anthems. Eleven customizable effect types can be adjusted and saved in one of four presets you can switch to with the tap of a foot. A frequency knob lets you set the frequency range, while expression and sensor out jacks let you control any other pedal with the Hot Hand. Use an expression pedal if you like (there’s an input for that), but the path to new sounds lies in new methods of control.

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