[REVIEW] Fuzzrocious M.O.T.H. Pedal

by | Apr 26, 2017 | Best Guitar Picks, Effects Pedals, & Accessories

Does the Fuzzrocious M.O.T.H. (Multi Overdrive Tremolo Hex) pedal deserve a spot on your fuzzed-out pedalboard? Let’s find out…

The fuzz/overdrive side of things are pretty standard on the new Fuzzrocious M.O.T.H. pedal, with just a single volume and a gain control. From about 7:00 to 12:00 the gain control sits on the fuzz side of things, and from 12:00 to 5:00 it sits more in the overdrive and distortion range. It’s not hard to get a great sound out of it, and the gain sits well in both the overdrive and fuzz areas, which also isn’t so overwhelming to the actual signal.

The M.O.T.H. also cleans up nicely when the volume knob on the guitar is rolled back. Chords and rhythm sounds are nice and chunky, and leads have enough high-end cut that they don’t get shrill or unmusical. With this hybrid fuzz/overdrive, there’s no issue of it getting lost in the mix live, even with another guitarist on stage. There’s no over-saturation that drops the overall level — it just adds in, while still maintaining definition. Nice!

Fuzzrocious MOTH

Fuzzrocious MOTH

M.O.T.H stands for Multi Overdrive Tremolo Hex, and here’s where things take a turn; the second footswitch engages a Hex Schmitt Trigger, which acts like an oscillating tremolo effect. It’s a bit noisy, depending on the gain, as it’s a glitch oscillator, and not an actual traditional tremolo circuit. The large speed knob controls the speed (duh), and can easily be adjusted with your foot, enabling it to have a synth like effect while playing and sweeping the knob. The pitch changes at the last ¼ turn, where the effect speeds up, and can get into some ring modulation territory. Very cool stuff, indeed. There is an internal trimpot, that can reduce the hex effect, but even the extreme levels have a strangely musical, yet almost industrialish approach.

The only downside is making the right placement of this pedal on a pedalboard to access the Hex effect’s speed control with your foot, and not moving knobs on other pedals by accident. Also, the Tremolo Hex effect can only be engaged when the overdrive/fuzz is active.

For the $165 street price, the fuzz/overdrive part of this pedal is well worth it for pretty much any player looking for that elusive blending of fuzz and overdrive sounds that don’t overpower things and muddy up the signal. The Hex effect is not subtle, and while may not be something every player would enjoy, it’s worth it regardless. Consider the Hex effect an added bonus to kick in here and there when feeling adventurous!


Excellent blend of fuzz/overdrive tones, Tremolo Hex effect is interesting.


Tremolo mode is slightly noisy, can only be engaged when overdrive/fuzz is on.