REVIEW: Bullet Cable GEARMANNDUDE Signature Cable

Premium cables took a turn about 20 years ago, when manufacturers started to use exotic metals and manufacturing techniques and overcharging the consumer, citing better tone. Since then things have settled down, and players can see through the haze for quality cables at a reasonable price, and the Gearmanndude signature cable from Bullet Cable delivers on usable features and tonal quality.

The first thing is the length, coming in at 30’, but since it’s a coily cable, it compresses to a much smaller length when not stretched out. It’s finished off in a nice white exterior shielding. It’s quite beefy overall, and for players who hate when cables get all spaghetti-ed up in a tangle, this might be your solution. The ends are reminiscent of a bullet casing (living up to company name) in a sleek red finish. The black heat shrink/strain relief has Gearmanndude’s message “love” boldly printed on it.

Unscrewing one of the ends, the connection to the end is very well done. It’s super robust. This is where even expensive cables fail, so the attention to this end of things is very re-assuring!
One of the other ends is a Neutrik Silent plug. This end always goes to the instrument. There’s a small contact at the end of the plug, and the cable is silent until that contact gets pressure. No need for a mute switch or an extra piece of gear, the cable is dead silent. No hearing the cable short out while trying to plug it in to an instrument!

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Plugging in a variety of instruments into amps, pedalboards, interfaces and DI’s, the cable sounded great, with plenty of clarity, and no loss of tone. Usually there is some noticeable degradation after 20’ of cable, but not in this case.

The silent plug feature is a YUGE plus. Our reviewer used it with an acoustic plugged into a PA system at a gig, and got none of the usual plugging in/unplugging noise issues to annoy listeners when switching guitars! An added side bonus is the white color; you can find the cable on a dark stage very easily, and there’s no way someone could mistake this for one of theirs. Let’s face it, coiled cables always look cool, but in the past many didn’t sound all that great. But this is a well-made and thought out cable. The street price of $59 is reasonable, especially considering the materials and construction, making it a premium cable, without a premium price tag. One that’ll last a very long time.


Silent jack, well-made





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