REVIEW: Boss EV-30 Dual Expression Pedal

by | Feb 3, 2022 | Best Guitar Picks, Effects Pedals, & Accessories

Boss offers up a lot of features on a variety of their effect devices, from their compact pedals to their multi-effects units. With more and more items having expression control, their EV-30 dual expression pedal is a perfect complement.

What is an expression pedal, you might ask? Well, it works like a foot-based control knob, on the same concept as a volume pedal or a wah. Depending upon what kind of device it’s connected to, it can add real time control of certain effects parameters of the device. Connecting an EV-30 to a Boss Harmonist PS-6 pedal , or example, now allows the player to control the pitch shift function on the pedal, allowing for more interaction of the effect.

Boss’s compact pedals are pretty much bulletproof, and the EV-30 is just as durable, with a cast metal casing, and a super smooth and robust travel response. The size is also very pedalboard friendly, as it’s smaller than the standard size wah or volume pedals. It is a dual expression pedal, meaning the EV-30 can be connected to two devices and run them simultaneously. Let’s say one of Boss’s PH-3 phase shifters and Boss’s DD-8. Controlling Rate on the phaser at the same time as the Delay’s feedback gives plenty of options, or just having two separate devices, that may not be on at the same time, controlled by one expression pedal, frees up space on a pedalboard as well. The only adjustability is the response of the pedal, with each connection having a small pot to adjust how much the selected parameter gets controlled by the pedal’s travel.

We’ve gotten a lot of great Boss products in for review, and we’ve found that having an expression pedal really unlocks a lot more practical functionality, from their loopers and effects units like their GT-1000 Core. Our tester connected an EV-30 to his Boss MS-3 multi effects switcher, and assigned it to a variety of patches, getting the pedal to act like a wah on one patch, and on another control the delay levels.

Expression functionality isn’t only Boss’ game. We also connected an EV-30 to an Earthquaker Devices, the Astral Destiny, controlling the rate function of our shimmer delay nicely.

Boss’ manual states that they can’t guarantee the functionality of the EV-30 with all non-Boss devices. This could be considered a “your mileage may vary” situation — we had more than a few pedals and devices connected to an EV-30, made by a variety of manufacturers, and we found no issues on our end.

Overall, considering the durability and the universal compatibility we experienced, using this pedal with Boss and non-Boss products alike, it’s well worth adding to your pedalboard. The somewhat compact size won’t take up a lot of space and it gives the player a lot more functionality for whatever device it’s connected to.


Well-made, simple, dual control, pretty much universal.