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Subdecay has been perfecting boutique guitar pedals for almost a decade, focused on making original effects that can stand the test of time while still within the price range of the average guitar player. Pedals are designed to have maximum sonic possibilities with a minimum of knobs and buttons; so they can be quickly learned and customized without having to spend hours working through a maze of controls. Founder Brian Marshall says each new pedal is a “project of discovery” that involves making a wish list and then testing all the different ways to bring that dream to life. The recently released Baby Quasar went through every analog phaser design possible before the Subdecay team came up with a unique VCA-based system, which sounds unlike anything else on the market. Based in Newberg, Oregon, Subdecay builds just about everything in-house so they have complete control over the quality of their products.

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Spring Theory Reverb Pedal – $179

Reverb is like seasoning. Without it, the music you make can be pretty bland. This is especially true for surf, which, until now, could only be played faithfully by those fortunate enough to possess vintage Fender reverb units. Subdecay thought that was a bum deal for anyone who didn’t have the cash for a whole new (old) amp, so they designed and built the Spring Theory, the most realistic spring reverb without a spring you’ll ever hear. Subdecay spent over a year researching reverbs and signal processing so they could build exactly what they wanted to hear. Specifically designed for guitar playing, the Spring Theory reacts dynamically to how you play and includes spring chirp and resonation, minute details that make a world of difference. If springs aren’t your thing, there is a room reverb that can simulate anything from your bathroom to an all-glass cathedral. Controls are simple with just Reverb and Depth knobs, letting you flavor your tone just a touch or turn it all the way up to create oceans of sound.

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