Pigtronix pedals are a clever blend of the new and old, pulling familiar sounds into another dimension where audio is more malleable and analogue reigns supreme. Creatively combining several effects into each one of their powerful stomp boxes, Pigtronix re-writes the limits of what a single pedal can achieve. Co-founder and designer David Koltai works with Howard Davis to create each new Pigtronix effect, focusing on versatility, tonal clarity, and durability. Started in 2004 by David Koltai and Brian Bethke with the EP-1 Envelope Phaser, Pigtronix has become a leader in creative new analogue effects, relied upon by musicians around the world. Pigtronix are designed, manufactured, and distributed from Long Island, NY, but aren’t for sale on their website. They work hard to develop relationships with retailers who sell their work. Koltai explains when I ask why they don’t sell direct: “I love guitar stores and think playing a pedal before you buy is a big part of the experience.” If no local stores carry Pigtronix effects near you, you can find a list of those who do, as well as their full product line and artist endorsements at

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GEAR REVIEW: Pigtronix Tremvelope: $249

This pedal will change how you think about tremolo. Your average tremolo pedals lets you control speed and depth. Stomp on, stomp off, yawn. The Tremvelope changes the whole experience by responding to the dynamics of your playing, varying the speed and depth in accordance with the strength of your signal. The result is a pedal you develop a relationship with, finding the sweet spot where it ceases to be another effect and becomes part of the way you play. The envelope is fully adjustable via the onboard knobs and switches, an expression pedal, a trigger input, or can be turned off for a classic tremolo sound when needed. The trigger input allows you to run a clean signal to control the Tremvelope when it’s further down your FX chain, or, if you’re feeling wild, control the Tremvelope with a signal from a completely different instrument – perhaps an electric violin? Let your imagination run wild.

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