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Malekko is known for original, affordable pedals and synth modules that earn their place in your soundbox. The company started with a dissolving band, some inspiration, and a kitchen table. “The joke was the website made us seem huge, with pictures of semis with the Malekko logo when it actually just two of us. I soldered every pedal on my kitchen table,” explains co-founder Josh Holley from Portland, OR, where the company has grown into an 8-person operation with a vast network of players and fans. Holley likes his products to focus on functionality over jamming as many bells and whistles in a pedal as he can. “We’re not here to make trophies, we’re here to make pedals players can use and enjoy.” Malekko have cut a unique path with innovative ideas like the Omicron series, eight no-frills mini-pedals of essential effects for under $150. A history of affordable kick ass pedals has earned Malekko a reputation for serving the needs of the working musician.

REVIEW: Ekko 616 $150

650ms of analogue delay. Count them, love them, rejoice in them. The Ekko 616 has straightforward controls that give you a wide range of sounds. Time, Mix, and Regen knobs help you slapback or blast off and engage the Mod controls to give your sound a whole new personality of chorusing and vibrato. Specially voiced repeats allow a larger bandwidth to pass than most traditional analogue delays, giving you a stronger signal out of the pedal. An internal gain knob allows you to customize the E616 to your setup to avoid volume drops or boosts when engaging. Easy to control and unique in sound, the Ekko 616 is the premier analogue delay.

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