Kyser Guitar Wipes: A Must-Have Accessory For Every Guitarist

Kyser Guitar Wipes Are a Must-Have Accessory For Every Guitarist

Keeping a guitar in working order isn’t that hard, but going that little extra mile to maintain your instrument can really make all the difference. Kyser has an inexpensive set of wipes that won’t break the bank, and can help you keep up the look, feel and performance of your instrument for years to come.

We received their string cleaning, polish, and lem-oil wipes, and they all come in a small container containing 35 wipes each. A lot of times bigger wipe containers will go dry, so it’s better to have smaller boxes that will stay moist, and then buy more when needed.

Kyser Lem-Oil Wipes

Kyser Lem-Oil Wipes

The lem-oil is a fretboard conditioner. A lot of unfinished fingerboards can really take a beating, especially over the dry winter months. If a fretboard dries out, there can be issues with frets popping out of place, bringing unwanted noise and intonation issues. A quick pass with a couple of wipes when changing strings is a great idea.

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Even in the age of coated strings and advanced alloys, the sweat and oils from a player’s hands can still do a number on strings. The String Cleaning Cleaner & Extender wipes are a great idea, even for players who aren’t that tough on their strings. Wiping down before and after playing is easy, and there is no greasy or slippery feel or residue. Clean strings last longer, and can hold tune better. Bassists and fingerstyle players would greatly benefit from this, keeping all that gross gunk out of the windings of wound strings.

Kyser Sting Cleaning Wipes

Kyser Sting Cleaning Wipes

The trend of relic’d or worn-in guitars is still with us (for better or worse), but there are a lot of players who prefer their instruments to remain nice and shiny. Kyser’s Wood Polish for Instruments is a good way to go. The wipes don’t leave a waxy residue or streaking, while removing dust or any unwanted grime that’s accumulated on the instrument.

Overall for under $30, it’s a minor investment to keep an instrument in good shape, especially if you plan on keeping it around for a while.  For anyone who’s planning on selling an instrument, you should give a good cleaning and polish before anyone sees it, and these are simply a great way to do that. Highly recommended for any guitar case or tech’s workbench.

Kyser Guitar Wipes

Kyser Guitar Wipes

PROS: Great, inexpensive part of instrument maintenance.

CONS: None.

PRICE: $30

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