Keep Your Acoustic Guitar Safe with the Humitar

music nomadPROS: Professional option for preventive maintenance.
CONS: None.
PRICE: $13.99

Acoustic guitars are living things; despite the fact the tree has been cut down, the wood still interacts with its environment. It may have a finish on the exterior, but the insides are still raw and unfinished. Temperature and humidity can be a factor – too cold and dry, the wood contracts. At the other end of the spectrum – too hot and humid, it expands. These environmental changes can cause all sorts of issues, not only in the sound of the instrument, but the playability, finish, and its structural integrity.

So what to do? Years ago the solution was take a kitchen sponge, soak it with water, and throw it inside a guitar case. The problem with that was, depending on the season and where you lived, it would either not work at all and just dry out, or in humid areas, create a nasty mold problem in your guitar case.

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Music Nomad has a simple (and inexpensive) solution, a humidifier designed for especially guitars: a small plastic case with a flip top that holds a sponge. Simply wet the sponge with distilled water, and place it in the case. The case sits between the D and G strings. Slots on the case allow the water vapor out, with no leakage to your guitar. Simple as that. It’s a neat idea, actually. Want to see if it needs more water? Just flip the lid to check if the sponge is hard, and requires more.

The Humitar is a cheap way to keep your acoustic playing (and looking) its best for years to come. Hot and humid summers may be on the horizon, but when the cool, dry air is back in the fall and winter, one of these should be in every acoustic player’s case.


  • Long lasting, low maintenance
  • Re-usable sponge
  • Anti-drip, no-mess material
  • Sponge holds 10x its weight in water
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