FLASHBACK: 1988 Eventide H3000 D/SE

by | Jul 24, 2013 | Best Guitar Picks, Effects Pedals, & Accessories

First signal-processing unit to do ‘intelligent’ diatonic pitch shifting


The H3000 Ultra-Harmonizer is a legendary multi-effects processor used in every major studio around the world and as a live guitar processor. They are a classic for high-quality chorus and flanger effects, feature great reverbs, and are probably most known for the micro-pitch shifting algorithms. The H3000 was the first signal-processing unit to do “intelligent” diatonic pitch shifting. There was a lot of engineering talent that went into the H3000. Ken Bogdanowicz and Bob Belcher, who designed the H3000, went on to develop amazing plug-ins for their company SoundToys and Dave Derr, who also worked on the H3000, went on to create Empirical Labs and the wildly popular Distressor. The D/SE version, shown here, has additional presets by mix engineer extraordinaire Bob Clearmountain and guitarist Steve Vai.


The H3000 is used in both the tracking and mixing processes in the studio for its amazing chorus and distinctive reverb effects, as well as the extremely useful micro-pitch shifting effects which create wide and expansive backing vocal and rhythm guitar tracks in a mix. It is also regarded as the ultimate live guitar FX box. It was used by the Edge, Eddie Van Halen, Steve Vai and many others. Here at Women’s Audio Mission, we’ve used some of the large hall settings for ambience on Kronos Quartet and often as a vocal reverb effect. The last session we used the H3000 was with indie band Queen Crescent.


These include hardware and software units such as the Eventide H7600, Eventide Eclipse, Eventide H3000 Factory Plug-In, and the SoundToys Sound Blender Plug-In.


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