Contour RollerMouse Red Plus Review

The Contour RollerMouse Red Plus can add an ergonomic twist to any recording studio.

The Contour ShuttlePro v2 and Shuttle Express (which we’ve reviewed in previous issues) are great tools for streamlined productivity. The Contour RollerMouse Red is literally a new twist on the mouse.

It’s about the width of a standard PC sized keyboard, with durable aluminum construction throughout. At the top, a rolling cylinder handles the vertical functions of a mouse, as it also slides across horizontally, covering the movement of any conventional mouse. Pressing down on the RollerMouse Red Plus, it engages the standard click, with a positive, robust connection. Just below, and off to the left, are 5 user-assignable buttons, as well as a scroll wheel, which also has a “press to click” function. Out of the box, the top two are set for “copy” and “paste,” which works great for any software that needs that, from MS Office to Pro Tools. Downloading the required driver allows the user to customize the buttons for simple commands like opening files and applications to macros and other intensive commands. It works with both Windows and Macs with ease, and uses a simple USB connection.

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Contour RollerMouse Red Plus

Contour RollerMouse Red Plus

There is also a padded wrist rest/palm support area, that is detachable, as well as two “feet” that attach to the back to raise a keyboard to an optimum height. Working across a variety of software applications, it can offer up a lot of functionality. Transitioning from the keyboard to it is kind of like using a laptop’s trackpad, with less reaching for a mouse between typing on the keyboard. Overall, getting used to it takes a bit of transition, but adjusting the sensitivity to a slower response can be of great help. Thankfully, it can be used in conjunction with a regular mouse, making transition easier.

The only downside we can see is for users that have a small keyboard, like the smaller, low profile Apple version; it’s a bit tough to get the hang of it, size-wise, and it looks a bit out of place. It just feels a bit clunky there. However, with full sized PC keyboards (ones that have the 0-9 keypad on the right hand side), and laptops, there’s no issue at all. It feels and seems to make more sense with these configurations and going between the keyboard and the roller mouse is much easier. A great application of this neat device is a workstation where space is an issue for use of a traditional mouse.

Contour RollerMouse Red Plus side view

Contour RollerMouse Red Plus side view


Mac/PC compatible, comfortable, seamless transition between keyboard & roller mouse functions.


None with standard-sized keyboards.



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