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Devi Ever is many things. She is a musician, video game designer, artist, and something of a pedal visionary. She began building pedals in 2003 under the name Effector 13 (switching to Devi Ever: FX in 2009) and has since developed a reputation for making the world’s greatest array of fuzz pedals. Devi Ever: FX can take your sound to whatever level of warmth or destruction you desire. Her products can be seen (and heard) on many of rock’s most famous pedal boards. If that weren’t enough, she recently started the $50 Fuzz Revolution and Kickstarted a new way to think about guitar pedals. That project, CONSOLE, is a cartridge-based platform that could revolutionize fx pedals forever. She is active in the DIY community and sells kits for many of her pedals, as well as free schematics for the especially brave. Devi Ever: FX is based out of Portland, Oregon and all Devi Ever: FX pedals are proudly made in the United States.

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Don’t Fear the Noise Fuzz Pedal – $50

The $50 Fuzz Revolution is Devi Ever’s campaign to make pedals less about the money and more about the music. At the base of Don’t Fear the Noise is a clean boost that crisps up the signal ever-so-slightly, and then runs two fuzz circuits one after another (though their knobs are deceptively named ‘Texture’ and ‘PreGain’). ‘Texture’ is a warm, wooly fuzz that would sound at home in many a stoner-metal song, while ‘PreGain’ is bright, crunchy fuzz that suits the punks quite nicely. To experience the true power of this pedal requires blending the fuzzes together to find the fuzziness that speaks to you as the circuits interact in delightfully unexpected ways. Needless to say, it’s an incredible pedal for the price, and the perfect opening salvo for Devi’s Revolution.

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