MY FAVORITE AXE With Dan Hawkins of The Darkness

Dan Hawkins of The Darkness shares his favorite Axe with Performer Magazine

photo by Scarlet Page

Summer 2015 sees the return of multi-award winning UK supergroup that is The Darkness.  The band’s fourth album Last of Our Kind – due out June 2nd – is bursting with exhilarating riffs, magnificent melodies and very high voices – as you would expect of these rock mega-gods.

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MAKE & MODEL: 2000 Les Paul Standard

WHAT IT MEANS TO YOU: It’s Medieval Times and it’s my horse.

WHAT IT SOUNDS LIKE: Aggressive, weighty, barky and fat.

CUSTOM MODS: TonePros bridge, refret by Jonathan Law, strap locks.

YOU’VE MADE……loads of money from using this guitar.

OTHER NOTES: It’s a pretty standard Standard but importantly it’s not chambered like the new ones and has the highest output pickups available. You can beat this guitar to death and it still serves you well.

CAN BE HEARD ON: Pretty much every song The Darkness ever recorded.

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photo by Scarlet Page

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