Jamsik+ MIDI Guitar Controller Review

Performer Magazine reviews the Jamsik+ MIDI Guitar Controller, and is Happy to Announce Our Issues with the Previous Version Have Been Resolved.

PROS: Tracking issues have been resolved, good learning tool, excellent use as a guitar synth controller.
CONS: Limited Android support.
PRICE: $299

In May of 2015, we reviewed the original Jamstik, which was a great idea, but there were some limitations. The new Jamstik+ has addressed those issues, and made some serious performance upgrades.

It still has the appearance of a ukulele designed in the 25th century, with it’s 5-fret range neck. With real steel strings, the feel is like a real guitar. The same user-assignable 5-button interface sits on the top edge, and the USB port also acts as the charging point for the battery. The big advancement here is the addition of a magnetic pickup, which really aids in improving the tracking.

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There is also a new app for iOS devices to connect the Jamstik+; the previous versions used Wi-Fi, and the unit had some serious tracking and latency issues. The new version works over Bluetooth, and is a major improvement overall in tracking and response. Hyperfast shredders might want to adjust the response for faster tracking, but for most players there should be no issues, especially if you’re using it to control things like synth pads in your DAW.

The app also has general synthetic sounds, varying from guitars, piano, sitar, banjos, strings, synth and drum sounds. As in the previous version, it’s a great tool for learning music theory and fundamentals, scales, chords and arpeggios. For guitar teachers it’s a great visual way to show students with the app on an iPad.

The previous version was a great idea that just wasn’t quite there yet; with the addition of the magnetic pickup, and switching to Bluetooth, it practically eliminates the lag and latency issues, and is truly a great learning tool. There is a slight price increase, as it’s now $299. The only downside is that there’s limited Android support right now.

Jamstik+ (2nd Generation BLE Model)
USB Charging Cable
Adjustable Guitar Strap
Rechargeable Battery
3 Downloadable iOS Apps – jamStik+, jamTutor & jamMix
30 Day VIP subscription to FourChords Guitar Karaoke App

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