FLASHBACK: 1963 Epiphone Casino

by | Feb 18, 2016 | Best Electric Guitars

FLASHBACK: 1963 Epiphone Casino


Essentially a lower class Gibson ES-330, the Casino was a true thin-line hollow body with two P-90 pickups introduced in 1961 and, to the annoyance of Gibson, quickly won over the market for that style of guitar. It’s certainly seen as the “classic” Epiphone guitar. One of the reasons it was sought out in rock and roll music at the time was its ability to feed back!

1963 epiphone casinoWHAT IT SOUNDS LIKE

Like a guitar plugged into an amp. Classic. Listen to any Beatles recording or Gary Clark, Jr. for true references.


The Beatles, Gary Clarke Jr., Radiohead


Paul McCartney still brings his 1963 Casino (same as mine!!) out for “Paperback Writer” each night. Supposedly, the Casino is one of only two guitars that made an appearance on EVERY Beatles recording after it was acquired. Want to guess the other?


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Photo by Rob Meigel