FLASHBACK: 1953 Fender Telecaster

1953 Fender Telecaster blondeThis month’s FLASHBACK entry comes courtesy of Don Miggs, as we take a look at his gorgeous 1953 blonde Fender Telecaster. Commence drooling…


I found this guitar where I find a lot of them, at Rudy’s in NYC. It was love at first sight.

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From Bruce Springsteen to Roy Orbison to Keith Urban to Andy Summers (the Police) to Joe Strummer to my own albums with miggs, the Tele is versatile enough for all musical styles.


One of the pickup positions actually is quieter. I thought it was something to be fixed and found out it was a feature. It definitely comes in handy.

This guitar is all-original and deserves to remain that way. I even have the original case, which couldn’t hold a moth in it!


When you think of Led Zeppelin you typically thing the iconic 1959 Gibson Les Paul that Jimmy Page loved BUT the first Led Zeppelin album was almost all done with a Fender Telecaster (though it was a 1959 Tele, I believe).


Don Miggs is a singer/songwriter/producer and fronts the band miggs (Elm City/Capitol Records). His love affair with vintage instruments and gear only presents a problem when he’s awake. Find out more at miggsmusic.com. Don also hosts a radio show called the Fringe. Details at facebook.com/thefringeshow.

Photo by Gabriel Burgos

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