PROS: Great selection, construction, price. Plenty of applications.

CONS: None.


LISTEN NOW to a clip of the Audix mics in action**:

[audio:|titles=THE GOODBYE THEORY – Harvard Square Girls (AUDIX DEMO)]

Assembling a quality set of microphones that sound great together and on their own can get expensive and time consuming, Audix has everything covered with their FP7 Kit. The overall construction is excellent, with steel grilles and a nice, durable finish on all of the microphones, as well as gold XLR connectors for corrosion resistance. Clips are included for each microphone (the tom and snare mics come with DFLEX rim mount clips), and everything comes packed in a heavy-duty aluminum carrying case.

The set contains a good selection of microphones, primarily selected for a drum kit (as well as other musical applications). Their F5 is optimized for snares, guitar cabinets, and vocals. For floor and rack toms, the kit includes three F2s. They have a really great range of frequency responses, and can handle a floor tom’s low end with ease. The F6 mic is designed to be used with kick drums, but can handle any other low-end frequencies, such as bass cabinets. Overheads are a must, and two F9 condensers are included, which also work well with acoustic stringed instruments. 

When miking up a drum kit for recording, this set works really well together; very little EQ is needed to get a good drum mix, and the condensers capture the overall kit nicely when used as overheads. They all have a crisp sound on their own as well as a collective unit.

Drummers will appreciate a nice selection of well-built microphones, which work well live and in the studio. For home recording, this is a great way to get a good selection of mics at a great price, without having to wonder how they’ll interact with each other! For additional mic placement videos and tips, visit


One F5 dynamic mic

Three F2 dynamic mics

One F6 dynamic mic

Two F9 dynamic mics

Six D Clips

MC1 clip

Aluminum carrying case with foam inserts


** Audix Microphone recording – “Harvard Square Girls” by The Goodbye Theory

Explains reviewer Chris Devine:

The goal was to do a recording using just the microphones in the Audix FP7 Microphone kit. Very simply, here’s what we used on what tracks:

Snare drum – F5

Rack and Floor toms (3) – F2

Kick drum – F6

Overheads (2) – F9

Guitars – F5 + F9

Bass Guitar – F6 & F2

Vocals – F5

No other microphones were used during this recording, and at no time did we feel limited by our selection of microphones.