What do local artists REALLY think of Asbury Park?

Situated along New Jersey’s shoreline, Asbury Park often gets overshadowed by the Garden State’s more refined coastal communities. But when it comes to music history and being a destination for current sounds, Asbury Park blows away all of its seaside neighbors. These young Asbury Park veterans are among the many rockin’ reasons why the gritty city that meets the sea is a desirable place to be.

Performer_Quincy Mumford 2_by Chris M. Junior

Quincy Mumford

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“It’s not just where Bruce Springsteen came from,” says singer/songwriter Quincy Mumford. “I’ve watched the city grow. It’s cool to see so many different bands and genres in Asbury Park.” Mumford has grown, too. He continues to explore new markets as a touring act and work on a follow-up to 2013’s It’s Only Change that will “show the different sides of what I do.”

Performer_Glycerine Queens 1_by Chris M. Junior

Glycerine Queens

Bassist Kayla Cervone likens Asbury Park to a “hidden treasure,” albeit one that is “hip and very trendy.” Adds drummer Jen Amoscato, “It still has that old feel to it, but it’s also changing.” Nicole Atkins had a hand in producing Sleep Deprivation, a five-song Glycerine Queens EP released this year. The post-punk band has new material ready for a potential full-length album in 2015.


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