Songkick Introduces Tourbox for Artists: Get More Fans To Your Shows

New publishing tool helps musicians power tour listings across all of their pages and profiles…enter once, publish everywhere.

If you’re a band looking to tell hundreds of millions of fans around the world where you’ll be playing live, look no further. Songkick Tourbox for artists automates the publishing of your concert dates across the Internet, helping you reach hundreds of millions of existing and new fans with accurate, up-to-date tour information.

Artists at any stage in their career can take advantage of the largest and most comprehensive concert database in the world. With an unrivalled partner syndication network, Songkick is the only way to tell fans about your concerts right where they’re listening to your music, including YouTube, Spotify, SoundCloud and more, as well as your own website, blog and Facebook page.

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At Songkick, we’re passionate about helping musicians spend their time doing what they love best – creating music and playing it live for fans. With the revolutionary Tourbox publishing tool we just got a step closer, putting artists in the driving seat by making it easy to publish tour information across the web from one single place.

Tourbox features include:

· The dashboard is simply and easy-to-use. Artists can tap into an unmatched distribution opportunity to publish their concert dates across the Internet
· A stylish, customizable plug-in powers your tour dates on your website. Leave the heavy lifting to us, we’ll update your site automatically so you don’t have to.
· Automatic syncing to your Facebook, Tumblr and WordPress pages
· Six million fans a month use Songkick to find concerts.  When you announce a tour date, we’ll let them know through a custom concert alert.
· With our Spotify app, fans create customized concert calendars based on their playlists. Playable concert listings let fans browse dates while deciding which tickets to buy for your show.
· On YouTube, concert dates are listed next to your videos, letting fans know when you’ll be coming to their city while they watch your videos.
· On SoundCloud, Tourbox shows your concert dates right where fans are listening to your music.
· Your tour dates reach a host of other services including Bandcamp, BandPage, foursquare, Hype Machine, Mobile Roadie, MTV, VEVO and more.
· Updates sync instantly across all of your pages and profiles.
Songkick CEO Ian Hogarth comments, “At its best, a great show is an incredible shared experience between artists and fans, and for us, it’s what music is all about. We want every fan and artist to have that experience, and that’s why we created Songkick. With Tourbox, we are introducing a powerful publishing tool to help musicians promote their tour dates wherever fans are listening to their music.”

He adds, “We’ve worked closely with innovative, U.S.-based booking group, The Windish Agency, during our beta phase. Using the uniquely developed plug-in we built for the Windish site, their agents immediately understood the huge opportunity this represents for their roster of touring artists. They provided useful input along the way to help shape this into a killer tool for musicians.”

Tom Windish, President of The Windish Agency, said, “Songkick was a clear choice as a first partner in the direct-to-fan space for us. Through Songkick’s extensive network of partners and their new tools, the lives of our artists are greatly simplified, and their shows get incredible promotion on the channels where people listen to music and discover concerts. We see this as just a start to our work with Songkick.”

Artists already using the full suite of tools in Tourbox include The Windish Agency artists M83, Art vs Science and CloudNothings, as well as MWard, Soundgarden, AttackAttack!, ofMontreal and and label websites including UniversalMusic and Domino.

Why wait any longer to tell the world about your next gig? It’s free and easy to get started right now.  Just head over to

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