See a VW MicroBus Cut in Half!

VW Bus Cross Section

Is there any more iconic tour vehicle than the VW Bus? If you’ve never sawed one in half (which we fully recommend you do, at least once in your life), here’s your chance to see a cross-section of the famed road warrior and all its interesting features. The VW Bus has been the go-to choice for bands in need of a tour van, and also a home-away-from-home for obsessed Deadheads and Phish Phreaks following their hippie idols around the country.

1. Vent Wings
2. Special Roof Air-Circulating System
3. Sliding Windows
4. Sun Roof
5. Glare-Resistant Skylights
6. Picture Windows
7. Trunk Area
8. Air-Cooled Volkswagen Engine
9. Reduction Gears
10. Double-Acting Telescopic Shock Absorbers
11. Torsion Bar Suspension
12. Double-Insulated Warm-Air Heating System

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