Artists Are Taking Back Control With Data

[Ed. note — this guest article was penned by the world-renowned Techno producer & Viberate co-founder, UMEK]

In the never-ending fight for attention, artists turn to data to break through.

Here’s a hard fact: around 95% of musical artists cannot make a living from music alone. I know – I used to be one of them.

After 25 years in the business, I’ve probably seen every struggle there is. From pitching music to labels, to negotiating live gigs, to figuring out perfect timings for my next release. It’s not easy. Secret weapons don’t exist, but fortunately, we have something very close to it – data analytics.

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I was lucky enough to discover that quite early in my career, and found an amazing team to help me harness it. Since my DJ colleagues were also intrigued, we built an entire startup out of it. Today, it’s a platform called Viberate.

Viberate is a music research and analytics platform I founded to help other artists use data the way it has helped my career. We monitor all major social, streaming, and music channels (radio, Spotify, Beatport, Instagram, YouTube, etc.) in one place. Then, we use this data to determine how every artist, label, and festival in the world is performing online.

From the data gathered, we create insights that artists and their teams use to grow their streaming and radio numbers, engage their fanbase, understand music markets worldwide, and save money on promotional efforts.

Like I keep saying: data can’t replace your talent and creativity. But it has the power to help you get your music heard, and build your career on your own terms.

Where to start? I understand the majority of artists are totally new to the concept, so we’re giving everyone a 30-day free trial of our Premium plan with all the insights you’ll need.

Just follow the link and see what data can do for you.

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