Record Review: Ghost and the City

Ghost and the City
Oakland, CA

“A haunting, yet seductive taste of the modern jazz world”

It’s not very often you come across a musical collaboration as grandiose and theatrical as Ghost and the City.  Their sophomore album Sazerac is a beautiful composition of woe and wanderlust, far jazzier than their first release, yet just as wondrously chilling.  As you plunge deeper into the music, you feel as though you are experiencing every note in a dark, smoky lounge or wandering the gritty streets of some unknown city.  Each track is extremely textured and complex, interweaving horns, blues percussion, strings, and stunning vocals.

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The addition of the female vocals introduces a delicacy and balance to the otherwise dark atmosphere of the music.  Songs like “Chicago” and “Her Name was Trouble” fully encompass the regretful themes present throughout the album, with a slightly devious and seductive tone reminiscent of failed relationships and ill-guided decisions.  All and all, the drastic change in the style of Ghost and the City’s music worked out in their favor.  The music is intense at times and delicate at others, mirroring the sporadic beat of the city and the beauty that we often find lurking in the shadows of that unknown place. (Self-released)

Produced and Mixed by Monte Vallier // Co-Produced by Ash Maynor // Mastered by J.J Golden // Recorded in Oakland, CA

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