Turn Me On & Turn Me Loose

Athens, GA

(Old South Records)

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“Southern rock at its finest”

Athens, GA is often thought of for its quirky indie-pop, fueling hipster house parties across the little college town. But lest we forget, Athens is indeed located in the heart of the South, where blues, rock and honky tonk still have a definite presence in bars and clubs where Southerners raise a glass of whiskey to their favorite local bands. That’s the South that Radiolucent loves.

“The Lucent,” as they’re affectionately called, have finally put out their debut full-length album, Turn Me On & Turn Me Loose after years playing together and building their fan base. They’ve created a true Southern album, rooted in tradition while avoiding being cliché. Andy Appling’s driving drum beat, Michael Cowan’s honky tonk keyboard, and Cody Stalvey’s bluesy bass showcase the twangy, gospel-tinged lyrics of Michael Mann [editor’s note – no, not Manhunter’s Michael Mann]. This is not stand-around-and-bob-your-head kind of music. This is throw-your –body-into-it-and-yell-and-drink kind of music. Mann sums the album pretty well when he sings, “I’m so country it hurts. I’m so country I can feel it in my bones.”

Produced by Radiolucent and Jim “Z” Zumpano

Recorded in Stonehenge at ZAC Studios, Atlanta


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