“Textured, layered electronics; gorgeous cinematic indie pop”

The Air Inside Our Lungs

Brooklyn, NY

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The Air Inside Our Lungs is ethereal, rich with a tapestry of indie sounds and instrumental colors.  An album highlight, the riveting “I Want to Know You” explores musical textures of delightful percussion, charming indie guitars, and powerful, brooding pianos. Lead vocalist Laura DiStasi displays her scintillating and sonorous vocals with great flair and grace. She writes most of the material on the album with the help of producer/guitarist David Little.

“Down Easy” is a painting of melancholy sadness, yet DiStasi seems to bring these darker songs to life with an immediate longing of new life and the chance of renewal and hope.  The opening track, “Somewhere Outside,” is a collective of more jangly, indie rock guitars and a lush, cinematic bass and percussion. It’s here that DiStasi and Measure bring about the album’s reoccurring theme of “being better off outside, better off with one’s head held high.” A theme of hope and grace shines as victory over the powers of darkness and depression.

Measure brings their entire arsenal of sound, instrumental color, lyrical wit and wisdom to deliver a superior album. Certainly a band of passion that savors the chance to deliver a message to their audience, you can likely find them performing live in Brooklyn.

Mastered by Matt Azevedo, Cambridge, MA

Mixed by Ryan West, New York, NY

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