Larry Keel and Natural Bridge

“Appalachian music with heart, fervor, and soul”


Lexington, VA

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(Keel Fish Music)

Larry Keel and Natural Bridge is a true bluegrass band, stemming from the rich musical culture of Appalachia. Their latest album, Classic, is exactly that, a classic. Vibrant and vigorously plucked banjo chords sit nestled against fiercely played fiddle notes, as the record unfolds in a superb blend of original songs and covers.

There is barely a moment of rest on Classic. The traditional style is kicked up a notch with high energy, high intensity compositions that demonstrate just how creative and engaging bluegrass can be. From the very first track “Love,” listeners are taken on an impressive flatpickin’ adventure. Keel’s attention to progressions and detail as he strums each intricate note fuels tracks like “B-Funk” and “Back Up On the Mountain.” Traditional styles of play mold into more contemporary creations both vocally and instrumentally, and there are moments of country-infused storytelling delivered by Keel’s unmistakable drawl and the sweet vocals of Keel’s wife, Jenny. The band delivers each track with an undeniable energy and a level of musicianship that can only be acquired through years of dedicated play and passion.

Classic is an harmonious, adventurous and raucous journey through the bluegrass culture. Rooted deeply in all the things that make bluegrass wonderful – twangy banjos, twilight melodies, fast paced and hootenanny manifestos – it’s an album that displays an immense level of talent and commitment. Larry Keel and Natural Bridge have created yet another record that is a necessity in any serious music collection.

Produced by Larry Keel and Jeff Covert

Mixed by Jeff Covert at Wally Cleaver’s Studio in Fredericksburg, VA

Mastered by Bill Wolf

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