Future Twin

“Art-punks from the Bay give us a collection to love”

Future Twin – Deluxe Edition

San Francisco, CA

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To clarify, Deluxe Edition is essentially a compilation of Future Twin’s first two releases. It includes both the original Situation EP as well as the two new tracks from the upcoming self-titled 7-inch [editor’s note – title changed to Resist after the review was written]. If taken as two parts, the EP is definitely the more up tempo of the two releases whereas Situation is a little more spacey and highlights more of the “post” of the post-punk genre that Future Twin occupies. With jangly guitars, organ, and scratchy female leads, Future Twin is semi-psychedelic art-rock for San Fran’s hipster elite (in a good way).

Situation has enough moodiness for Brian Eno fans, but the EP is catchy enough for fans of Best Coast or The Dum Dum Girls. Thoughtful and sweet lyrics sung with enough raw emotion to warrant repeat listens. Grab this on vinyl and promptly dub it to a cassette. Give said cassette to the pretty girl with glasses in the coffee shop, invite her to see Wes Anderson’s latest flick, and (probably) get laid. [editor’s note – we cannot guarantee that you’ll get laid. But probably, you will.]


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