Brand New Trash – Self-Titled

Brand New Trash
Brand New Trash
San Francisco, CA

“Midwest transplants brings L.A. hip-hop to Bay Area blues”

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Gaining notoriety from a cover of Tupac’s “Brenda’s Got a Baby,” Brand New Trash has been ripping up the Bay Area scene with their signature sound, which is surprisingly un-trashy. Identifying themselves as “trash pop,” BNT is actually more blues than garage rock. The music, although groove driven, is heavily blues influenced, and concise. At times it does possess a lot of jam elements, but the songwriting and certainty with which the group delivers this set of tracks makes them into much more than just another fuzzy-rock rock band.

Fans of Jack White’s moodier tunes will eat this record up. Fronted by the Dewald brothers (formerly of Bay Area act Buxter Hoot’n), the haunting guitar and vocal ebb and flow sets this record apart from a lot of other groups trying to achieve a similar sound. As mentioned earlier, the group currently covers “Brenda’s Got a Baby” and somehow simultaneously does the song incredible justice while also reminding us of the sometimes forgotten poetic genius of Tupac Shakur. With laid-back drums, fuzzed out guitars, and a haunting harmonica, Brand New Trash makes “Brenda’s Got a Baby” sound like a contemporary of Tom Petty’s “Last Dance with Mary Jane”… and surprisingly we thank them for it.

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