FREE new FM Platform bridges music and film communities in one exciting place

Performer prides itself on bring you, the working artist, relevant news when it comes to exciting opportunities and services for networking and promotion. As such, we’re excited to introduce you to a FREE new site, FM Platform, which links together the worlds of music and film in a unique way across the globe.

Here’s a one-stop platform to network with fellow artists and industry professionals from around the world, show off your new music and accomplishments, connect with other creators in your field and encourage those with like minds to attend shows, festival gigs, streaming events you’re participating in and even lead them directly to merch sales if they like what they hear.

Best part? The new FM Platform is free to use, and signing up is a simple click away at

The goal of FM Platform is to connect artists from all walks of life, bridging genres and crossing boundaries to celebrate all styles of music from every corner of the globe. The platform comes to you courtesy of the good folks behind the FMC-Film Music Contest in an effort to provide more value for the artistic communities they already cater to, as one of the biggest competitions in Europe and now moving into the Asian market, as well.

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FMC has been listening, not only to artists but industry insiders over the years when it comes to what sorts of things they’d like to see in such a platform. They’ve taken those suggestions to heart and worked hard to create this new, FREE platform that’s open to ALL musical artists and filmmakers of any ages or location. You’re invited to link up with fellow artists, share info about yourselves for potential collaboration opportunities, networking events and general promotions of the various projects you’ve currently got cooking.

Did we mention it’s FREE to join?

Get started today by heading on over to to crate your profile, see what other artists are up to, and what opportunities are waiting for YOU on The FM Platform. Once registered, you can start browsing for content creators easily by category at this link:

You’ll also want to sign up for the newsletter so you can keep on top of site news, developments and upcoming features that’ll be added to the platform.

Lastly, starting in the new year, FM Platform us opening up voting to its members to choose who YOU want to see at the top of their charts!

For complete details on everything FM Platform has to offer, please visit and be sure to follow the new platform on social media at the links below.

Become a member of the FMC artist world and put yourself on the map. We’ll see you there!


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