The 7 things every artist EPK must include

An electronic press kit, or EPK, is essentially an online portfolio for musicians. It’s where event bookers check out your performance history, and the media’s first stop to gather promotional material.

In the modern music industry, it’s an indispensable tool for booking shows, generating album buzz, and allowing bloggers and journalists to easily access your marketing materials.

While it’s important to tailor your digital press kit to your current goals, there are seven core elements that you should never leave out.

Here’s exactly what to include in your EPK to make a lasting impression.

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1.    Artist bio

The first thing every press kit should contain is a professionally written musician bio. This acts as your elevator pitch, so it should be succinct yet engaging. In a few sentences, try to encapsulate who you are as an artist, what your music sounds like, and a recent achievement to make an impactful introduction.

Keep in mind that event bookers and journalists will have different needs and word limits, so consider having a few versions of your bio ready to go: a true elevator pitch (one or two sentences), a short bio (one paragraph), a medium bio (two paragraphs), and a long bio (three or more paragraphs).

You don’t need to include every version of your bio right on the page if you want your EPK to look streamlined. Downloadable files are a great option, or you can just write a medium-length bio that includes your pitch within the first paragraph.

2. Music

Your EPK represents your musical identity, so prioritize your best and most popular songs. A promoter or music supervisor who’s reviewing a lot of artists will likely only take a quick listen to your first track or two. Be sure to put your most compelling songs up top that you feel best show you off as a musician.

Ideally, your press kit will feature an embedded music player so that it’s just one easy click to start listening. Accompany it with some brief text (either your own words or a quote about you) that describes your music, noting if the songs are recent singles or will be on an upcoming album. This will be a huge help for journalists who want a starting point to capture the essence of your sound.

3. Photos

High-quality visuals are a must in any digital press kit. Include a variety of styles, sizes, and orientations to accommodate different promotional needs.

Consider the aesthetics of your latest project, and make sure all of the images in your EPK are on brand. Posed band photos work well alongside a couple of live shots to demonstrate your performance style. If you’re focusing on promoting a new album to music reviewers, it’s also a good idea to include the album artwork in this section.

Provide several sizing options, landscape and portrait orientations, and at least one black-and-white image to cover all your bases. Include a square image (or another aspect ratio that can be easily cropped) for social media feeds and stories. The more versatile your visuals are, the better your promotional opportunities will turn out.

4. Videos

Embed videos on your EPK page to make it more appealing for media and venues. Blogs and online publications often include videos to increase article engagement, while venues and festivals might use them to boost visibility for the artists they’ve booked.

Make sure the videos you choose support the overall goals you have for your EPK. For instance, if the main purpose of your press kit is to book more shows, feature live videos so that bookers can see you in action. If you’re more interested in promoting a new album, add a music video or lyric video for the lead single to generate more interest.

No matter what, be sure to add new videos regularly and remove old ones so that you’re only showcasing your most relevant work.

5. Press/reviews

Create a dedicated section of your EPK for any press coverage and positive reviews you’ve gotten. This instantly signals to your audience that there’s a story to be told, and adds credibility to your work.

Keep these excerpts brief and include links to the full articles. Only highlight a few of the best quotes on your press kit page so that people don’t get overwhelmed with blocks of text.

6. Social/streaming links

Add links to your relevant online platforms, be it streaming services or social media. Focus on where you’re most active and have your most engaged followers, so that anyone encountering you for the first time gets a good impression.

If your goal is to showcase your streams and discography, prioritize streaming service links to build momentum for your music. If you have a good following on platforms like Instagram or TikTok, you’ll definitely want to link out to those profiles as well.

Even if you’re just starting out and don’t have an army of loyal fans yet, demonstrating that you put in the effort to consistently post quality content goes a long way.

7. Contact

It’s easy to overlook contact information, but it’s an important element to include on your EPK page. While it doesn’t necessarily need to be front and center, make sure that anyone who’s looking to reach you can easily find out how.

If you have a team, list email addresses for your manager, publicist, booking agent, and/or label representative. If you personally handle press and booking inquiries, it’s fine to just put your artist email address.

The importance of an EPK can’t be overstated for professional artists and bands. It’s like a virtual introduction, making it easy for event bookers, journalists, and fans to get a snapshot of your artistry.

Creating an EPK complete with the seven sections above will help your career in so many ways, from booking better gigs to promoting your latest album. The trick is to update it regularly with new projects, performances, and other content. It’s a small effort that will pay off over time for your music career.

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