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In The Studio With Andrew St. James

19-Year-Old Bay Area Native Demos in Raunchy Bathrooms to Inspire Dusty, Vintage Sound PRE-PRODUCTION What was your pre-production like on this project? Not very structured at all. Much like the last release, several songs on this album I recorded demo-style in a variety of bathrooms (including this real raunchy one in a basement of a […]Read More »

Go Behind The Scenes with Jill Barber In The Studio

PRE-PRODUCTION What was your pre-production like on this project? Jill: Our production approach was always to make decisions about how to best serve the song regardless of style or genre. If the song shines then the production shines. We also did a lot of pre-production workshopping sessions with the band before we entered the studio. […]Read More »

In The Studio With Parks

Brian King on Tracking Layered Textures While Keeping a Live Vibe PRE-PRODUCTION What was your pre-production like on this project? Pre-production was simple. We knew the sounds we wanted and mostly how to get them, although there was a lot of tweaking as we went along. There are a few sections with totally different feels […]Read More »

How John Németh Captures The Classic Sound of Memphis Soul on Analog Tape

PRE-PRODUCTION What was your pre­production like on this project? I demoed these songs with my road band Nick Fishman, Tommy Folen, A.C. Myles, Joe Meyer, Elliot Sowell and Smokey Davis while living in Oakland. How did you choose the studio? I chose this studio based upon their selection of vintage recording gear. For more Performer […]Read More »

FIRST LISTEN: Stream The Trews' New Album PLUS In-Studio Interview

We are super stoked to be premiering the new Trews album today in its entirety! Stream it below, and read our interview with guitarist John-Angus MacDonald about the making of the LP, due out digitally in the States next week (Tuesday, April 22nd via Nettwerk). You’ll also find full tour dates below – The Trews […]Read More »

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