Electro-Voice ETX-10P Powered Loudspeaker Review

PROS: Flexible, expandable, great adjustability physically & sonically CONS: Slightly pricey. PRICE:$1099/each EV’s ETX system is a professional level series, which is simple enough to keep “roadies” away, and still sound fantastic. The Electro-Voice ETX-10P Powered Loudspeaker sports a 10” woofer and a 1.25” high frequency driver. The enclosure’s design enables it to be used in a monitor […]Read More »

Electro-Voice ZLX-12P Powered Speakers Review

In the past, even a minimal PA system could fill the better part of a band’s van, was a mega kluge of wires and hardware, and possibly featured questionable reliability.  EV’s new ZLX system provides a small, great-sounding sound system for the 21st Century. Size-wise, they’re not over-the-top, and they’re easy to handle; the molded […]Read More »

MACKIE DLM Powered Loudspeakers

PROS: Great sound, light weight, intuitive controls. CONS: Might be too much for the average band. PRICE: $850-999/each A lot of artists don’t put enough thought into their stage gear beyond their amps, mics and pedals. One of the most criminally overlooked aspects of your gig is what your audience is actually hearing, and that’s […]Read More »

MACKIE Dishes About Revolutionary New Loudspeaker Series

A Conversation with John Boudreau, SVP Marketing & Product Development Back in August, we flew out to Mackie headquarters in Seattle for a mysterious product announcement and unveiling. Now, we knew it had something to do with loudspeakers, but we weren’t prepared for this: the new, ultra compact DLM Series 2,000W Powered Loudspeakers. Three models […]Read More »

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