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5 Fun Stocking Stuffers for Any Musician's Smartphone

I have fond memories of making do with whatever I had to record tracks and make some music. I was that kid with a two boom boxes – recording, rewinding, then recording while the other one was playing. Then you’d flip that tape into the other one, and do it again. Hell, 4-tracks seemed like […]Read More »

Performer's iPad Essentials for Musicians

Tablet schmablet. You can have the fanciest lookin’ device on the planet, but if there are no killer apps for it, it’s just a useless hunk-o-junk. So now that you’ve got that shiny new iPad, how are you gonna make the most of it? Well, we recommend a few products and apps that will help […]Read More »


Camel Audio makes the most useful plugins and sample libraries on the market, equally suited to studio and bedroom producers in their quality and flexibility. Their compressor/distortion plugin CamelCrusher and the Alchemy Player are both free via their website, and are a great introduction to Camel Audio’s offerings. Camel effects plug-ins can be used to […]Read More »

SOFTWARE PROFILE: Native Instruments

Native Instruments is one of the premier software instrument developers in the world. They create samplers, sample libraries, synthesizers, and effects that have revolutionized genres and are used all over the planet. Their three main product lines, KOMPLETE, MASCHINE, and TRAKTOR each cater to a specific kind of artist, but are often combined by artists […]Read More »

Manufacturer Profile: G-Sonique

Creating Unique VST Plug-ins Started in 2007 by two musicians who wanted digital gear that sounded as good as the analog they couldn’t afford, G-Sonique has dedicated themselves to making incredible software that makes creating great music easier and more affordable. Their digital instruments, FX, and sample packs are used by producers and DJs all […]Read More »

Manufacturer Profile: iZotope

Making Home Studios Sound Like The Hit Factory Many DIY musicians find themselves at a loss when it comes to that perfect sheen heard on major label recordings. The secret? iZotope. No other company has pushed the boundaries of digital audio processing or made professional recording so accessible. Their programs are used by artists, broadcasters, […]Read More »

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