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How To Leverage Free Music Sites to Increase Fan Engagement

Free music online can either spread like wildfire or sink like a stone. It largely depends on the work put into promotional efforts. Many bands post their album for free and think “I’m done! Our album is free and available, and who wouldn’t want a free album?” Well, first of all… those who don’t know […]Read More »

Switchcam: Your Band’s Automated Social Media Guru

A Conversation with Brett Welch, Founder and CEO Your band is killer, and your live show is hot. You know this because you can see your fans whipping out their phones taking pictures and videos. But what happens to those posted pictures and videos? What if you could gather all of that content, and automatically […]Read More »

How to Make Money on YouTube with Audiam

An Interview with CEO & Founder Jeff Price There’s a music site with 30-35 billion “spins” of music a month. It has over a billion users each month, 40% of those listen on mobile, and 80% of them are outside of the U.S. It’s not Spotify, or Pandora, iTunes, or any or the newcomers. Guessed […]Read More »

Get The Most Out of Your Band’s Instagram

You’ve just rolled into town to play a gig.  You see fall leaves, the sun setting against a city skyline. You scribble your band name, the venue and time you play on a piece of paper and hold it up to the sky and take a photo. You upload it to Instagram, choose your favorite […]Read More »

Make Money on YouTube with ONErpm

There’s a saying in the startup world by founder Marc Barros of Contour Cameras: “The best product does not always win, the product everyone knows about does.” I often repeat this when I speak at music business gatherings because I think it’s so analogous to our industry. This is why “My Humps” was a Top […]Read More »

Twitter #Music for Indie Artists (part 2 of 2)

Why the Social Media Giant Will Become Your Most Essential Promo Tool  Twitter #Music is officially in the wild and available as an app in your favorite store or you can visit the standalone web version at Just to refresh your memory, Twitter #Music is a social music discovery and charting engine, meant to […]Read More »

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