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You’re Not a Sellout: Why Independent Artists Should Advertise

I cringe a little bit inside when I hear people say, “Good music will get found.” Who knows how or where this myth got started, but even to this day it’s prevalent…VERY prevalent. I suspect it has something to do with the stories we pay attention to. When you think of Nirvana, you most likely […]Read More »

How to Stretch Out Your Song's Lifespan on YouTube

You might be surprised by this, but the half-life of a YouTube video is only six days! This means that, on average, a YouTube video will have received 50 percent of its views in the first six days on the site. After 20 days, that video will have gotten 75 percent of its views. The lifespan […]Read More »

The 5 Most Annoying, Ineffective Ways That Bands Seem to Always Promote Their Music

We wholly recommend promoting your band on social media (duh). It’s easily the best way to maintain and grow your following, and it’s arguably eclipsed flyering as the most reliable way to announce a show and reel in a crowd. What we can’t advocate, however, is being obnoxious about it. We’ve all had our nerves […]Read More »

6 Insanely Creative Ideas for Your Band's Facebook Cover Photo

*This article was originally posted at Sonicbids.com. It has been republished here with permission. With Facebook‘s timeline layout, your cover photo is the billboard of your social media page. You can use it to communicate countless ideas, pitches, concepts, or products. The difference between your cover photo and profile picture is that your profile picture shows up in […]Read More »

Why Twitter Should Not Be the New Press Release

Twitter is a critically important social media tool for every band. If you’re not using it, you’re missing out. Twitter is fast, efficient, and gets the point across in 140-character transmissions. It cuts through the digital ether, and God knows we’re all wading in that. It’s the very epitome of less is more. But even though it’s a direct connection with your fans and the media, […]Read More »

4 Tips for Creating Shareable, Watchable Video Content

These days on the internet, it’s all about content. Companies pay big bucks to people who craft everything from blogs to tweets and Facebook posts; forward-thinking brands even shell out thousands for Vine videos and fun Instagram photos. Having interesting, relevant, and most importantly, shareable content is key these days – the more you have, the more eyeballs go to your site, your […]Read More »

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