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I-MEGO Maze Headphones Review (Not Recommended)

PROS: Interesting aesthetics. CONS: Middle-of-the-road sound quality, especially for the price.  PRICE: $139 The new Maze headphones from I-MEGO are a head-scratcher. They look kinda neat, they sound kinda OK, they’re sorta comfortable and they’re priced somewhat between low-end cans and serious, professional studio monitoring headphones. So this reviewer is left wondering where, exactly, these […]Read More »

Get Classic Talking Heads Sounds with a 1978 Lexicon 224 Digital Reverb

Widely considered the best high-end reverb of its day, the Lexicon 224 Digital Reverb was made by a nuclear scientist Dr. David Griesinger. The unit was considered “affordable” at $7,500 back in the ’70s, making it an expensive addition, to even a professional studio. INTERESTING FEATURE Having the remote console-top controller allowed for ease of […]Read More »

Performer’s Ultimate Guide to Microphone Selection

Many microphones have been talked about as if they have this mystical ability to enhance performances, as if they can transform a crappy guitar into a handcrafted masterpiece or a mediocre vocalist into a diva.  Is this true?  Should you plunk down a few grand on a vintage Neumann U-87?  Or will a Chinese-manufactured knock-off […]Read More »

TASCAM UH-7000 Mic Pre-Amp/USB Audio Interface Review

PROS: Professional design and sound; easy to use. CONS: None. PRICE: $599 When home recording meant tape-based, TASCAM stood above the rest in quality and performance. Unlike companies like Polaroid, they’ve made the transition to the digital world. And their UH-7000 is proof that they still stand above the rest. Design-wise this is meant to […]Read More »

Samson MTR231 Condenser Microphone Review

PROS: Good selection of mic patterns; excellent clarity. CONS: Intermittent switch (on our test unit, YMMV). PRICE: $199 Every audio company out there has produced a condenser mic, so what makes a good one vs. a bad one? The Samson MTR231 Condenser Microphone shows that condensers with more than one mode can be had inexpensively […]Read More »

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