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Black Lion Audio B12A MKII Mic Preamp Review

Black Lion Audio  B12A MKII Preamp – $549 PROS: Excellent sound quality. CONS: None. While every studio loves the clarity of digital workstations, external preamps often give a color that just can’t be replicated via a plug-in. Black Lion Audio has a lot of options, and their B12A MKII is worth checking out. It’s relatively […]Read More »

PreSonus RC 500 Solid-State Channel Strip Review

PreSonus RC 500 Solid-State Channel Strip – $599 street PROS: Super high quality, construction and sound. CONS: None. There are tons of companies that offer quality preamps, so when a company like PreSonus releases a solid-state channel strip, it’s got a lot to live up to. Thankfully their RC 500 does that and more. The […]Read More »

FLASHBACK: 1970 Universal Audio 1176LN Limiting Amplifier (Rev C)

AKA “The Blackface” Mic Pre ROLE IN HISTORY: It’s classic, used on every important album since 1970. You couldn’t find a studio that didn’t have the blackface back in the day. WHAT IT SOUNDS LIKE: Warm and round is how I’d describe it. It finishes your idea on what the mic should sound like! BASIC FEATURES: It’s pretty […]Read More »

PreSonus ADL 700 All-Tube Mic Channel Strip/Preamp Review

Digital recording gives plenty of clarity, but warmth has always been the secret ingredient that’s most elusive. PreSonus brings that audio glow to the modern age with their ADL 700, an all-tube channel strip/mic preamp. It’s a standard two-space rack unit, with tons of knobs, controlling a compressor, a high pass filter and a 4-band […]Read More »

FLASHBACK: Vintage Teletronix LA-2A

“Legendary Vocal Compressor from the ’60s” YEAR 1962 HISTORY The LA-2A is considered one of the most legendary vocal compressors in recording history. I first learned about it through a friend and mentor of mine, John Agnello (Sonic Youth, Kurt Vile, Dinosaur Jr.). In fact, the specific LA-2A that I’ve used in sessions is his […]Read More »


“Hand-Wired, Simple Design Minimizes Phase Shift” YEAR: Late 1960s HISTORY: The API 550 EQ was designed by Saul Walker in the late 1960s and was first used in API and custom console designs. It has been a very influential piece of recording gear and has been used on countless hit records. It is a 500 […]Read More »

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