5 Effective Ways to Maintain Press Relationships After Your First Review

For an independent musician, scoring coverage in a media outlet may seem like the well-earned reward in a long cycle of pitching and waiting, good fortune, or a combination of both. But with the right mindset, it’s actually just the start of a potentially long-term professional connection. Some bands hire publicists to develop and maintain their relationships with the […]Read More »

How To Leverage Free Music Sites to Increase Fan Engagement

Free music online can either spread like wildfire or sink like a stone. It largely depends on the work put into promotional efforts. Many bands post their album for free and think “I’m done! Our album is free and available, and who wouldn’t want a free album?” Well, first of all… those who don’t know […]Read More »

30 Reasons Your Band Isn't Getting Press

We’re gonna tell you a lot of things that you might not want to hear (especially if you’re doing or NOT doing some of these items). A lot of mags and industry professionals (mostly those who want your money) don’t want to hurt your feelings, so they patronize you and talk to you like children […]Read More »

The Experts Weigh In on Press

  MEET THE EXPERTS: Name: Lily Golightly Company: Effective Immediately PR Prominent Clients: Paper Garden Records, sami.the.great, Nightmare River Band, XNY Website:   Name: Kaytea Moreno Elst Company: xo publicity Prominent Clients: Paper Tongues, The Memorials, White Orange, The Winter Sounds Website:   Name: George Corona III Company: Terrorbird Media Prominent Clients: Tycho, […]Read More »

Best Practices for Following up with Press

A Quick List of Do’s and Don’ts [Editor’s note – at Performer, we receive countless CDs each month, and even more digital submissions. And as advocates for DIY and indie artists, we believe in honesty. We’d rather not sugarcoat topics for our readers, even if it means some things you might not want to hear. […]Read More »

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