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You’re Not a Sellout: Why Independent Artists Should Advertise

I cringe a little bit inside when I hear people say, “Good music will get found.” Who knows how or where this myth got started, but even to this day it’s prevalent…VERY prevalent. I suspect it has something to do with the stories we pay attention to. When you think of Nirvana, you most likely […]Read More »

Top 3 Things Every Band Thinks Impress Music Journalists, But Actually Don't

As a music journalist, I receive a plethora of emails from artists pitching themselves hoping for a feature. One major issue I’ve seen with these pitches is that a lot of artists don’t have a great understanding of what would make them an interesting person to write about. Instead, they have a habit of hyping […]Read More »

6 Types of Artists Publicists Will Never Work With

[This article was originally published at Sonicbids.com. It has been re-published here with permission.] As a publicist with my own PR agency, I’m solicited daily by bands looking for PR services or for some advice/to be consulted about the wild, wonderful world of public relations and publicity, since it’s press and media hits that they […]Read More »

4 Tools Under $20 a Month You Can Use to Run Your PR Campaign

Two universal themes almost every band faces are not enough time and not enough money. You want to take your band to the next level, but it may seem like there’s a road block at every turn. If you’re a band with a limited budget who can’t yet afford to hire a publicist or other members of your […]Read More »

How Much Should a Music PR Campaign Cost?

This article originally appeared on Sonicbids.com. It has been republished here with permission.  Good PR isn’t cheap. Nor is it free. If you can’t afford a legit PR campaign, then chances are you might not be ready for it… but at the same time, it’s also extremely difficult to elevate yourself or your band without some […]Read More »

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