Record Review: Red Wanting Blue

Red Wanting Blue

From The Vanishing Point

Athens, OH

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“Straightforward rock and roll – no BS”

From The Vanishing Point, the ninth release from Ohio’s Red Wanting Blue, offers an abundance of guitar-fueled rock and big, catchy choruses, dominated by lead vocalist Scott Terry’s booming voice. All the songs on this album are straightforward rock and roll, with certain songs occasionally showing glimpses of the music’s earlier origins – blues, gospel, and country.

The record opens with the up-tempo “Stay on the Bright Side,” featuring inspirational lyrics like, “It’s lights out for us all someday / but stay on the bright side of things okay.” The song “Love Remains” is another ultra-catchy track with a hopeful message: “I’m in the dark / but I’m holding on for life / don’t give up.”

The stark beginning of “Walking Shoes” opens up to a jug band delivery from the band. One of the longer songs on the album, “Hope on a Rope,” tells the tale of not giving up hope in the search for a dream. In the closing number, “My Name is Death,” the delicate music belies the darker subject of the lyrics. Unlike a lot of contemporary albums, there is so much here to enjoy – with 13 songs and over 50 minutes of music, Red Wanting Blue truly delivers the goods. (Fanatic)

Produced and Engineered by Jamie Candloro

Mastered by Stephen Marcussen

Mixed at Banana Chicken in Hollywood

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