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Diane Warren’s 7 Secrets for Successful Songwriting

There’s no denying that making it in the music industry is hard. It’s harder than hard. But it’s not impossible. What if we told you that legendary songwriter Diane Warren – responsible for such classics as “If I Could Turn Back Time,” “Rhythm of the Night,” and “I Don’t Want to Miss a Thing” – was considered tone […]Read More »

How to Start Your Own Publishing Company

At its core, a music publisher’s job is to administer the copyrights in songs and license your work to record labels, radio stations, filmmakers, advertisers, etc. A publisher collects license fees, take a percentage and pay the remaining proceeds to the songwriter(s). The publisher controls the song itself (not the recording of the song, which […]Read More »

Download Performer's FREE Legal Guide to the Music Business

Performer‘s committed to bringing you the most useful advice when it comes to your career. That’s why we’re bringing you the second installment in our FREE industry guides – quick PDFs jam-packed with an insane amount of info that you can actually use. CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD. These guides are meant to be handy reference […]Read More »

How to Keep Tabs on Your Record Label’s Books

IF YOU’RE SIGNED TO A LABEL, THE MONEY YOU EARN FROM RECORD SALES doesn’t flow directly from your supporters to your pocket like it did in the early days.  A majority of your income now flows from your fans to an online or brick and mortar store, through your label, then down to you and […]Read More »

Download the New Music Business Handbook from Berklee

FREE DOWNLOAD FROM BERKLEE: MUSIC BUSINESS HANDBOOK VOL. 2 Go inside the music industry with this brand-new handbook from Berkleemusic, the online extension school of Berklee College of Music. This free PDF collects some of the college’s essential knowledge in one easy-to-navigate guide. Topics include music publishing, concert touring, marketing, and entrepreneurship.  Read More »

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