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PreSonus Eris Series E8 Studio Monitors Review

PreSonus Eris Series E8 Studio Monitors – appx $250/each (street) PROS: Great sounding, easy to tune to music styles and room configuration. CONS: None. There are a lot of manufacturers getting into the monitor business; some don’t have a background in professional audio, and it shows. PreSonus has been in the game for years, and […]Read More »

Mackie CR3 3” Multimedia Monitors Review PLUS Video

Mackie CR3 3” Multimedia Monitors – $99 PROS: GREAT price, great sound, worth it! CONS: NONE! In the past, the gap between computer speakers and studio monitors was a pretty big one, but Mackie has closed the gap both in price and performance with their CR3 Monitors. [Editor’s note – a 4-inch version, the CR4, […]Read More »

Samson MediaOne BT3 Speakers Review

PROS: Inexpensive, decent sound. CONS: Bluetooth requires both speakers to be connected to each other. PRICE: $99 We get a lot of speakers to review, and they vary from exotic high-end units to inexpensive models that won’t break the bank. Samson’s MediaOne BT3’s fall into the latter category. For more studio monitor reviews by Performer […]Read More »

MACKIE MR6mk3 Studio Monitors Review

PROS: Fantastic performance, good price. CONS: May require a little tweaking per location and room size. PRICE: $199/each The cliché is that monitors are the ears of any home studio system; in most cases they’re the heart. Mackie’s new MR6mk3 monitors are a great place for a starter studio or a full-blown commercial facility. ) […]Read More »

KEF LS50 Anniversary Monitors

PROS: Amazing sound, stereo imaging and technology. CONS: Somewhat pricey. PRICE: $1499/pair Monitors are the one place a studio can’t skimp, and making the jump from home studio to professional grade just got better with a pair of KEF’s flagship LS50s. They’re quite simple and elegant, no switches for any audio altering choices, just a […]Read More »

Dynaudio DMB50 Studio Monitors

PROS: Great sound, good design, excellent flexibility. CONS: None. PRICE: $499 each. Monitors are the ears of every studio, and when it comes time to mix, it’s not a place to cut corners. Dynaudio’s angled DMB50 Monitors offer up a new design that makes you think, “Why hasn’t someone else thought of this?”  They’re a […]Read More »

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