Recording With a Vintage Telefunken U47 Microphone

From about 1949-1965 the original mic was made. It continues to be made today. BACKGROUND Few microphones are as iconic. The original models had a vacuum tube that would dry out, which was problematic but corrected after 1965. HOW IT WAS USED It was one of the original high-end microphones and used for all sorts […]Read More »

Apogee Announces New MiC 96k

Apogee Electronics is pleased to introduce MiC 96k, a professional digital microphone for iPad, iPhone and Mac. Use MiC 96k to record vocals, voice overs, acoustic guitar, piano, drums or anything in-between. Inspired by the most revered and classic microphones in history, MiC 96k is designed to sound amazing and be easy for anyone to use […]Read More »

SHURE BLX24/B58 Handheld Wireless System Review

Wireless systems used to be complicated, and at times the sound quality suffered; Shure’s new BLX system has solved those issues, with a simple, easy-to-use unit. Connect the receiver to the PA system, turn on the mic, select a channel, and sing away. The receiver is quite small, and the controls and display are so […]Read More »

Audio-Technica AT2020+ USB Condenser Microphone

PROS: Quality construction and sound, easy to use. CONS: Included tripod is a bit flimsy. PRICE: $149 Since USB devices have become standard, a lot of companies have flocked to use this technology in recording; with the AT2020+ USB mic, Audio-Technica has merged their industry-standard sound with home studio ease. Construction-wise, it’s robust, with a nice […]Read More »

AKG D12VR Cardioid Dynamic Kick Drum Mic

PROS: Tight bass drum response, solid EQ selection. CONS: May be pricey to some. PRICE: $499 One thing that always separates a good studio from a great studio is the selection of microphones for drums – kick drums, specifically. They lay down the beat, and with a bad mic, even “fixing it in the mix” […]Read More »

Ear Trumpet Labs Edwina Condenser Microphone

PROS: Fantastic sound, unique look, no need for shock mounting. CONS: None. PRICE: $499 Steampunk has been a popular design aesthetic for years now, usually combining a Victorian appearance with a modern device’s functionality and/or looks. It’s been popular on cell phones, computers, and now microphones. The Edwina model is quite a sight, with its […]Read More »

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