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Down "IV Part II" Review

“Dedicated to sludge, but exposing more melody” Some may criticize the title as uncreative, but in driving the sludge genre, Down leads the way with Part II. Front man Phil Anselmo has undoubtedly trampled his way through the heaviest hits life offers, yet manages to offer up melody and rhythm along with his iconic band […]Read More »

Deadkill - "No, Never!" Review

Deadkill is among a handful of amazingly abrasive, cocksure, noisy-as-fuck bands from the Pacific Northwest (most of whom have found a home with Good to Die Records). The band’s first full-length, No, Never! is a bombastic affront to your senses. In a word: brilliant. Cop it on vinyl, turn it up full blast and wait […]Read More »

Sandrider - "Godhead" Review

Sandrider is back with their second full-length album and Godhead demonstrates a relentless commitment to their craft. On this latest endeavor, the Seattle-based trio is once again drawing on their signature grimy punk style and are infusing it with abundant and confident energy. While its not a total departure from their first album, the level […]Read More »

Trivium - "Vengeance Falls" Review

Trivium’s sixth studio album, Vengeance Falls, follows in the footsteps of In Waves thematically and aggressively, marking a milestone for the band that manages to leave its members exposed to criticism when the sound leans toward melody. Vengeance Falls’ producer, David Draiman (Disturbed, Device), recently contributed to Megadeth’s Super Collider, an album that fans judged […]Read More »


RULE EP Boston, MA (Self-released)   “Maiden and Priest fans, it’s time to bust out your old denim…”   Do you love old Def Leppard records and denim jackets with the sleeves cut off? Do you frequently place umlauts over vowels that don’t require them? Do you wish Steel Dragon was a real band? Of […]Read More »

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